In this weeks episode, I talk to Rick Heyland, a consulting executive dedicated to ensuring the success and wellbeing of others by helping to define purpose and principles in life and business.

Rick discusses why a mission or purpose statement can empower us to chase improvement, why an outside perspective can help to identify broken processes, and the power of prioritisation.

Key Takeaways

  • Discovering our mission/purpose statement empowers us in incredible ways. It helps to build courage and allows us to gain clarification.

  • People inherently want to do good work, no matter which field they are in. Sometimes they are held back by broken processes.

  • Giving thanks for where we have come from, and focussing upon where we go next, can help us to recognise the journey of each day.

  • When it comes to diary management, we must ensure that we make time for ourselves and our families, as if their happiness suffers, there is little purpose in what we are trying to achieve in business.

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