In this weeks Tony Talks Wealth episode, I am joined by money coach, financial advisor, author and commodity trader, Neil Doig, the author of The Millenial Mind-Set.

Neil discusses the ways in which you can better prepare your mind-set for money by focussing on easy to follow money tips and coaching guidance.

Key Takeaways

  • Money Tipps offers a “done with you” service as opposed to the more common “done for you” service, designed to inspire and educate when it comes to all things money.

  • There are far more people right now, who need education when it comes to money, as the world of finance has become far more intricate. Professional guidance is needed in order to better traverse this world of finance.

  • We have to set goals and put a map in place in order to make sure that we are on the road to financial security in the future.

  • Financial independence should always be centred around personal happiness, and not around the wealth itself. We may not necessarily need as much as we think. As ever, planning is essential.


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Millenial Money Mindset (via Amazon)

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