Derek and Margaret have been retired for over 9 years felt that they wanted to review their finances with a view to simplifying matters.


Derek and Margaret felt the amount of paperwork they had to deal with every year was causing they stress and an unnecessary burden.

They had built up significant funds over the years with a number of different companies. Their financial adviser had retired recently and they were now looking for a new adviser to review their plans.

They wanted someone to help them bring clarity and simplicity to their current financial position and for the future. They were also starting to take things easy due to a health scare that Derek had recently experienced.

Key Considerations

Derek’s recent health scare made them both want to ensure all their affairs were still effective and in order for their current needs.

They hadn’t had their Wills reviewed for quite some time and hadn’t organised an appropriate Lasting Power of Attorney.

They felt overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork they received from the various investments they held and felt if anything happened to them it might be quite difficult for their children to work out what was what.


We arranged an initial meeting where we got to understand Derek and Margaret’s financial situation, their lifestyle and their future plans.

  • We also took the time to explain the changes under “Pension Freedoms” and the potential implications for them in later life.

  • We reviewed Derek and Margaret’s financial and lifestyle goals and produced an analysis to help simplify their finances. This incorporated understanding their attitude to risk as well as their capacity for loss.

  • The results helped us to balance out the level of risk with the expected investments returns when designing their investment portfolio.

  • We were also able to considerably simplify their investments by consolidating some of them into a simpler but more appropriate and diversified investment solution. We also simplified the number of tax wrappers used.

  • We achieved this over a few years to ensure we maximised the tax allowances available to both Derek and Margaret.

  • We also arranged for them to have a review of their Wills and put in place lasting Power of Attorney’s for both Health & Welfare and Property & Finance. We also included provision for future care costs.


Derek and Margaret now have a much more streamlined financial plan in place which involves far less work that greatly reduced their paperwork and the stressful burden of managing it, which they are delighted with.

Since we started working with them their finances are much more straightforward and there have also been significant savings in annual charges and transaction costs with have been a welcome bonus for Derek and Margaret.

They now have peace of mind that their finances are in good order and can continue enjoying their retirement doing the things they had planned. As well as having all the paper work in place to enable their children make both financial and health related decisions for them.

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