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The Ultimate Guide to the UK State Pension


In this article we take a look at the current UK state pension scheme and how much state pension you are likely to receive when you retire. The UK Basic State Pension is a regular payment made by the government to eligible individuals who have reached the state retirement age in the UK. It [...]

Preparing Emotionally For Retirement

2023-10-16T14:47:34+01:00Financial Planning, Pensions|

However much you might be counting down the days to freedom, if you're in a reasonably-paid, moderate-status job, or running your own business, retirement could be a shock to your system. Once you've gloried in the honeymoon period of lie-ins, and enjoyed some well-earned rest & relaxation - what next? It can be an [...]

What is a SIPP Pension?


So what is a SIPP pension?  A Self Invested Personal Pension (also known as a ‘SIPP’) is essentially a type of tax-free wrapper in which you hold a wide range of permitted investments, and the contribution limits, tax reliefs, eligibility and the age at which you can start drawing an income are all the [...]

How to Maximise Your Pension Savings

2024-01-08T17:09:26+00:00Pensions, Podcast|

How can you make the most of your pension pot so you can get back to dreaming about your retirement and not dreading it? Even with current conditions there are ways you can maximise your pension savings - listen to this podcast episode to find out more. If you would prefer to read about [...]

Occupational Pension Schemes – To Transfer Or Not?


As an employee, once you met certain criteria, you were enrolled into your employer's pension scheme automatically. There are 2 main types of occupational pension schemes (also known as workplace pensions): Defined Benefit Scheme (DB) In a DB scheme, your retirement income will typically be based on your salary and length of service, with [...]

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