In this episode I am joined by David Mulonas, a published author and project manager in the IT sector, who along with his wife, Cindy, hosts an extraordinary personal finance podcast entitled ‘Something On My Mind’, providing a fresh take on personal finance tips, budgeting, debt management and investing principles.

David joins Tony to discuss the principles upon which he and Cindy have established their successful personal finance brand, how to establish your own place in the sector, and why purpose in life matters so much.

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Key Takeaways

  • Creating a brand isn’t an instant thing. It takes time to perfect your message and your product. You need resilience, determination and will power.

  • There’s nothing wrong with asking questions about a subject upon which you are unsure. Far better to show that you haven’t understood, than to go away with information you’re unsure about.

  • We all need a purpose in life. Money is never enough. We need a driving factor that keeps us going when the challenges grow tougher.

  • Life beats you down sometimes. You have to find the resilience and the determination to push back against the setbacks and stand tall in order to face the future.

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David is a published author and accomplished corporate project manager in the IT field. His book I’m Not Flipping Burgers When I’m 70! explores personal finance, budgeting, home ownership and investing for the future. David also launched a project called the Personal Finance Squad in which he offers guidance on all areas of budgeting and achieving financial freedom.

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