In this episode of Tony Talks Wealth, I chat with Bev Jones, an author, speaker, and founder of Awaken Coaching, helping business owners to find clarity and vision through mentoring and coaching.

Bev discusses the importance of self-care in the business world, and why it’s okay to put ourselves first, and the surprising opportunities that can sometimes be found in the darker moments of life.

Key Takeaways

  • Burnout and anxiety are certainly more prevalent in business nowadays. This is mainly due to the more open nature of business life. People feel comfortable in discussing their mental health needs in the workplace, and are encouraged to do so.

  • Do not have regrets about the world as it was. It has changed, but it has dealt a blow to the practices in society that perhaps needed to be swept away. The world is filled with new opportunities.

  • Redundancy, or a shift in career paths can be fearful. But it can also provide us with a chance to gain new perspective about out lives, and whether or not we are truly happy with our current situation.

  • Seeking the help of professionals, especially in the financial world, will often open up new and more creative ways to achieve financial freedom.

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