Financial Literacy – Educational Resources

This page is dedicated to providing our clients financial literacy and information about their financial planning and retirement needs, whether its:

  • Key considerations about staying in or transferring out of a final salary or defined benefit pension scheme
  • Pension Freedom or Pension Drawdown Options
  • Flexible or Guaranteed Income options
  • Wills or Powers of Attorney
  • Understanding Long Term Care funding
  • Retirement Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Inheritance Tax Mitigation Strategies
  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Portfolio Basics
  • Life Assurance Options
  • Business Financial Planning
  • Business Protection
  • And much more…

We believe that those people who have increased financial education will be able to make better, informed decisions, resulting in improved financial outcomes for them and their families and live a more comfortable and happy life.

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Click on the images below for a link to video box sets or further information for each subject.

In addition, check out my Youtube Channel which contains many educational videos, including personal money tips and business strategies.

Pension Freedoms Cashing In Pensions
Preparing For Retirement
Pension Consolidation Explained
How to be more disciplined about retirement saving
What Is Cash Flow Modelling ?
Shareholder Protection
Pound Cost Averaging
What is Socially Responsible Investing
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Pensions – Video Box Sets

For further information on any of the pension subjects shown below, simply click the appropriate box.

Final Salary & Defined Benefit Transfers
Financial Literacy - accessing pension pots - Pension Freedoms
Financial Literacy - Pension Drawdown Options
Guaranteed Income Options
Flexible Income Options

Estate Planning

For further information on any of the estate planning subjects shown below, simply click the appropriate box.

Financial Planning For Business

For further information on any of the financial planning subjects shown below, simply click the appropriate box.

Business Protection

Financial Literacy For Teenagers

Financial literacy for teenagers

Do you look back and wish you had received better financial education in school?

Could that have made a positive difference to your financial position?

A company called FUNancial Freedom is on a mission to change the lives of children and teens around the world… by teaching them how to be financially smart.

If you would like to find out more, simply click here or the image below to register for their free webinar.

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