In this episode I am joined by Jeff Hancock, a crypto expert, and co-founder and CEO of Coinpass, one of the UK’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange and investment platforms.

Jeff talks to Tony about his business journey, Coinpass as a platform, and how you can invest in cryptocurrency in a safe and secure way.

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Key Takeaways

  • The world of cryptocurrency has changed dramatically. The UI involved is becoming far simpler to navigate, and risks can be mitigated if guidance is followed.

  • Crypto services can stand out to their client base through customer service. Providing real time human interaction is a true differentiator. People want to feel supported at all times.

  • A crypto wallet contains a public address, which is like a card number in the real world. A private key is also attached, which is akin to the lesser-known details required in order to make transactions of any kind.

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Find out more about Jeff:

Jeff Hancock moved from Australia to London at the age of 25 in 2010 as a cybersecurity and tech engineer. He is now CEO of one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency trading and investment exchanges in the UK.





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