This week, I talk to Brian Dress, the Director of Research at Left Brain, a wealth management firm providing financial planning and investment advice, who currently service approximately 200 clients and manage over $167.5 million in assets.

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Key Takeaways

  • We must reassess and re-evaluate our attitude towards financial risks. Often we are better equipped to take risks than we believe. It all begins with education.

  • Wealth management is built upon a simple formula – how much can you save, what are your goals, and what can you generate in investment returns?

  • A risk management process is a research process. It is about visibility and understanding the ways in which a company is operating.

  • It’s always wise to have some liquid cash available so that opportunities can be seized upon in the moment, which can deliver large rewards in a small amount of time.

Having the right Investment Strategies can make a significant difference to your returns.

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