In this week’s very special episode, I talk with multi-million dollar entrepreneur and investor, Krisstina Wise, about her business, “Wealthy Wellthy”, her empowering journey through life, and how she helps others to turn business income into personal net worth and passive income.

Key Takeaways

  • Journeys in life, no matter how troublesome at times, can also serve to inspire others during times of doubt and tribulation.

  • We must never be ashamed of where we come from. Even humble beginnings have their place in our lives, and the further you’ve ascended since then, the more empowering your story becomes.

  • There is a lot more to money that may appear at first, and those who effectively conquer it as a tool, learn from experience, and not from formal education.

  • We can’t hope to generate wealth by constantly chasing money. In life we are conditioned to “chase the rabbit” but this is just a fool’s errand.


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