In this episode I am joined by Maini Homer, the “Queen Of Content Creation” and a prolific creator of social media content and marketing materials.

Maini joins Tony to talk about her journey in business and many insights gained along the way, as well as tips that listeners can immediately implement in order to make great things happen for themselves and their business.

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Key Takeaways

  • When we come from difficult backgrounds and upbringings, we gain the crucial resilience and determination we later need in business and life.

  • Obstacles and challenges are not a negative. They are all lessons and learnings that can strengthen us for any future issue.

  • When circumstances beat us down, we can either take it and lie down, or step up and fight back. When lockdown hit, Maini took the opportunity to write a book which became a subsequent best-seller.

  • Never be afraid to trade skills with other professionals. It can be a fantastic way of getting things done and providing win-wins for you and others.

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