In the podcast I talk to Fenella Hemus, NLP Master Coach and trainer, about the ways in which she uses these techniques and tools to enable people to move past blocks and be the best that they can be.

Key Takeaways

  • Neuro-linguisitic programming helps people to dismantle the barriers that may be holding them back from achieving greatness. Through careful practice, we can achieve far more with its help.

  • High achievers have a strong desire to be perfect at everything. This can result in greater dismay when failure is experienced.

  • Adverse childhood experiences can negatively impact health later in life. NLP can help to unlock these hidden traumas and aid in recovery.

  • The generation of children we have now are fearful and anxious. They are not born this way, and so it must mean that the levels of anxiety we are feeling is bleeding down to the next generation.

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