Early Retirement


Steve and Tania are desperate to retire early to follow their dreams and wanted to know how much they need Background Steve (45) and Tania (43) have two children, Tori (14) who still lives at home and Demi (21) is living independently. They have both worked very hard [...]

Pre Retirement


David and Anne are a married couple wanting to know when they can stop work. Background David (54) and Anne (53) have two children, Gareth aged 24 and Andrew 28. Both children are married with their own children. Gareth is currently renting and Andrew is buying his own [...]

At Retirement


Robert and Elaine are approaching retirement and they are concerned whether they would run out of money Background As Robert and Elaine approached their desired retirement age, they were keen to ensure they maximised their retirement income and made the most tax efficient use of the assets they [...]

In Retirement


Derek and Margaret have been retired for over 9 years felt that they wanted to review their finances with a view to simplifying matters. Background Derek and Margaret felt the amount of paperwork they had to deal with every year was causing they stress and an unnecessary burden. [...]

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