In this episode I am joined by Morgana Rae, an international best-selling author, mentor and coach, who specialises in helping others to better understand and cultivate their relationship with money.

Morgana talks about her background and how she developed her own relationship with money, as well as the importance of polarity when it comes to creating dramatic change in life.

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Key Takeaways

  • Failure and struggle aren’t always a dead end. Sometimes they point us towards other pathways and opportunities that can lead to success

  • Starting at our lowest, darkest points, makes the gains so much more precious and valuable. Polarity provides perspective.

  • To be an effective coach, we must believe in the person we’re coaching – in their capability and their maturity. Once we believe, we must not undervalue the gains that we can bring.

  • When it comes to money, or indeed love, we must take time out regularly in order to realign with these things and hold them as sacred in our lives

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