In this episode of Tony Talks Wealth, I talk with business adviser, Helen Phillips, a specialist in helping businesses to achieve sustainable growth, about the ways in which her engineering background has enabled her to super-charge her financial career, why the role of business adviser carries with a huge responsibility, and the steps needed in order to re-evaluate the business world in the new working landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Coming from an engineering background has meant that Helen’s ability to compartmentalise issues and processes, working on each in turn. This has been of huge benefit to Helen’s clients, whose businesses may have multiple challenges at once.

  • Information about most subjects is abundant and freely available. The skill comes in translating this information and applying it correctly.

  • The first step to aiding a business owner is to re-examine the reasons for the founding of the business in the first place. Creating a vision and culture comes next, as well as learning how to delegate effectively.

  • The lockdown has seen many downsides, but it has also allowed many to step back and reconsider their business journey, altering in some cases, the path along which they are travelling.

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