In this episode I am joined by Marvin Storm, founder of the Business Exit Stories Podcast and author of the book ‘Pack Your Parachute – How To Double The Amount Of Money You Put In Your Pocket When You Sell Your Business’

Marvin discusses the ways in which you can ensure you achieve a far higher return on the sale of your business when the time comes, and make sure that your financial future is in much better shape as a result.

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Key Takeaways

  • Every entrepreneur has to, at some point in their journey, consider their exit strategy. This can take the form of sale, or even retirement, but it’s a part of the business journey that is inevitable.

  • Buyers of businesses are thorough. They’re in the market for a solution to people’s problems that can be monetised. Make sure your business is serving a need and it will be far more attractive to potential purchasers.

  • With tumultuous changes in the business landscape, there are many opportunities to be had in terms of buying businesses. Many owners are looking for exits.

  • Strategic business owners will always prepare for the worst ahead of time. We don’t pack a parachute while the plane is going down – we do it beforehand in case of difficulties.

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