Business Planning

Successful Business Exits with Marvin Storm


In this episode I am joined by Marvin Storm, founder of the Business Exit Stories Podcast and author of the book 'Pack Your Parachute - How To Double The Amount Of Money You Put In Your Pocket When You Sell Your Business' Marvin discusses the ways in which you can ensure you achieve a [...]

The Five Pillars of Business with Kay Suthar


This week, I meet with author, business owner, coach and mentor, Kay Suthar, a specialist in helping people to achieve personal growth while balancing family and career through various strategies. Listen To The Podcast Episode Watch The Video Recording Key Takeaways [...]

A Conversation with The CEO Confidant Angel Ribo


In the podcast I chat with Angel Ribo, known as "The CEO Confidant", about the ways in which he helps corporate CEOs and entrepreneurs to bridge the gap globally for expansion and exposure, as a way to accelerate the growth of their businesses. Key Takeaways There [...]

Business Succession Planning

2023-10-16T23:40:00+01:00Financial Planning|

'My business is my pension' This is a common phrase amongst business owners, but all to often business succession planning is something left far too late. In today's video we look at a few of the reasons why it should be addressed sooner, to ensure you will be able to meet your financial [...]

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