Estate Preservation

Lasting Power of Attorney


This podcast episode continues with the estate planning theme, explaining the role of a Lasting Power Of Attorney for either health related matters or property and financial affairs. Key Takeaways An individual can create an LPA covering all their affairs or just their health and welfare. [...]

Making a Will – Leaving Your Legacy Behind


This next podcast in the estate planning series covers making a will to ensure your wishes are respected and enacted upon following your passing. Key Takeaways Unmarried couples have no right to any of the estate if there is no will. A will is essential [...]

Why Make a Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney?


In this podcast episode, I continue the series on estate planning and safe guarding your family, focusing on why wills and powers of attorney agreements can be vital. Key Takeaways If you don’t create a will in readiness for your passing your estate could be inherited [...]

The Inheritance Tax Trap

2024-01-08T17:40:36+00:00Estate Planning, Podcast, Wealth Management|

In this podcast episode, I discuss how effective estate preservation planning could save a family a potential inheritance tax bill amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Key Takeaways Inheritance Tax was introduced in 1986 replacing the old Capital Transfer Tax which itself replaced Estate Duty. [...]

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