Finding Lost Pensions

Tracing Pensions That Are Lost


The scale of the UK’s lost pensions mountain has been exposed in the largest study yet by the Pensions Policy Institute. The October 2018 briefing report stated there were 800,000 unclaimed pensions, worth an estimated £9.7 billion belonging to holders considered to be 'gone away'. It estimates that, if scaled up to the whole [...]

Getting Ready To Retire

2024-01-08T17:49:34+00:00Financial Planning, Pensions, Podcast|

In this podcast episode, I talk about how much we need to plan for our upcoming retirement. The state pension will fall short in providing a comfortable lifestyle into retirement so what action should we take to bolster our funds now? Key Takeaways Review your finances [...]

Pension Consolidation Explained

2024-03-09T13:01:13+00:00Financial Planning, Pensions|

Have you had many jobs and accumulated multiple pension pots? On average people now have several different jobs in the course of their working life. So, it’s not uncommon to start a new pension for each job. This means that you may end up with multiple pension pots with various providers. Pension consolidation may [...]

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