Retirement Options

What is an Annuity Pension?

2023-10-06T12:30:27+01:00Financial Planning, Pensions|

Are you looking for a guaranteed, regular income in retirement? An annuity pension is a financial product you can buy using some of your pension savings, or your entire pension fund, which pays you an income for the rest of your life or for fixed period of time. In this article we share an [...]

How to Maximise Your Pension Savings

2024-01-08T17:09:26+00:00Pensions, Podcast|

How can you make the most of your pension pot so you can get back to dreaming about your retirement and not dreading it? Even with current conditions there are ways you can maximise your pension savings - listen to this podcast episode to find out more. If you would prefer to read about [...]

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