Tony, provides a professional competent service in a friendly and knowledgeable manner. More than happy to recommend him.
Ian Fleming, March 2024

A very professional service provided by TT Wealth. Detailed and thorough advice given and I look forward to working with Tony again in the future
Natasha Ives, March 2024

Always professional and helpful. Would certainly recommend.
Ann Butler, August 2023

Tony came highly recommended by an ex colleague of his and I can honestly say everything he said was true. He responded to my situation quickly, and was clear and helpful in his explanation of his solutions.
John Murphy, July 2023

Tony has given me very sound advice prior to me taking early retirement.
I would recommend Tony to anyone seeking similar advice.
Martyn Lewis, Feb 2019

I had a couple of pensions and wanted to be able to put the pensions into the most profitable scheme and draw down money in the most cost efficient way. Tony did a full financial review of my circumstances, including my aspirations, and came back with some options, including what has turned out to be a very effective new pension.
Peter, November 2018

We had a combination of funds inherited and generated by pension income which required investment advice and proper professional management, which Tony provided that was tailored to our individual ethical needs.
We are very happy with the outcome.

Steve, November 2018

We have known Tony for many years and sought his help following family illness that led to us needing extra help with financial matters.

He has helped us with investing pensions and setting up a trust fund for the family in future years. We are still working on inheritance planning.
Julia, November 2018

Jane Ferre Testimonial

If you are looking for tailored financial advice about how to prepare (financially) for retirement, look no further than Tony.

After just a one hour initial consultation, I now have a clear plan on how to fill the small gap between the money that I have to retire on and the money that I need to retire on.

Tony’s approach is thorough, patient and understanding – everything that you need a financial planner to be. He asked me exactly the right questions and very quickly came up with a number of options that I have now implemented.

Talk to Tony now, before it’s too late!

Jane Ferré, March 2019

I had a long financial advice session with Tony and to be honest I wish I’d found him years ago! Not only did he help me unravel my current situation, he also gave me some practical steps that could be actioned right now.

He broke everything down into achievable tranches, and immediately took away the feeling of huge overwhelm I had around financial planning for the now and the future. He listened with complete empathy and tailored everything to help my personal situation.

There was no jargon, no complicated advice, just an easy comfortable environment that he created, which immediately put me at ease.  Would highly recommend!

Emma White, March 2019

I wanted to release my defined contribution pension pot from my ex-employer and change it to a scheme where I could draw down payments as and when required.

Tony helped to identify our needs and liaised with my ex employer’s pension administrators to search the market for a product to meet our needs. Having talked to other colleagues of my ex-employer and heard how difficult their process has been, we appreciate that without Tony’s professional background, we would not have achieved the result. The ex- employer administrator appeared to put obstacles in our way at every turn.

We achieved a scheme which permits draw down as and when required whilst allowing the pot to still grow (hopefully, depending on the markets) , rather than settling for a low rate annuity. Also, any money left in the pot doesn’t disappear when I die, but becomes part of my estate. Tony listened, didn’t push us in any particular direction, but asked the questions which gave us the ‘tools’ to identify our needs- and then delivered.

David, November 2018

We wanted to ensure we had resources for our retirement and possibly long term care.

Tony undertook a needs assessment and an assessment of our resources and our values. He identified possible investment opportunities and our objectives are being met; our portfolio is likely to meet our needs; attention has been made to our values. We have recognised that a financial adviser is one member of a team of people who have a responsibility for meeting clients’ needs.

We cannot fault the contribution of our financial adviser Tony Thomas.
John, November 2018

We had been advised by a family member, now deceased. We needed someone with expert knowledge to guide our decisions.

Tony has helped us through a number of important decisions and has helped us adapt quickly and efficiently as our circumstances have changed. Given the volatile nature of financial investments we are confident that the outcome is amongst the best possible.

We are happy with Tony’s work.
Robert, November 2018