This week, I talk with podcaster and drummer, Lee Bridges, the author of ‘Do Sh!t, Get Sh!t Done!’, a “guide to life that works using life hacks that are so easy to implement that you will get results – effective immediately”.

Lee talks about the way he has overcome the tougher times in his own life, and how these experiences have allowed him to make sure that others can grow, develop and become the best version of themselves.

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Key Takeaways

  • Life is an intricate road map with many variations. Some are negative and some are positive, but they all help to shape the journey we take, and make us who we are.

  • Whenever we hope to move from one point to the other, we are constantly pulled off course by life and its challenges. Focussing on the point we wish to reach is at the heart of Lee’s book.

  • The responsibility of being a good teacher to others is huge. If we can positively instil knowledge in an inspiring way, it is far more likely to stick.

  • Human beings have an innate need to be right. This can be detrimental when dealing with others, but we must nurture the humility that allows us to be wrong, and to learn.

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About Lee.

I put a book out last year called ‘Do Shit, Get Shit Done’ after a savage drug addiction. The book is about mindset and motivation and it hit #1 on Amazon in the UK and was featured on BBC1 News. I’m writing the second book now and I’ve recently started my own podcast.

I spent over 10 years giving talks in colleges, universities, and at events, and I now spend my time running businesses, writing, lecturing, and playing music.

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