In this weeks Tony Talks Wealth episode, I am joined by Fanny Snaith, an expert in making sure your money works for you.

Together we discuss the importance of making sure our financial futures are secure, and the role that our emotional attachment to money plays in our future planning.

Key Takeaways

  • The best coaches are the ones who have lived through times in life where financial guidance has been needed. There is no substitute for practical experience.

  • When it comes to financial planning, it isn’t about the numbers. It is about reconciling the emotional relationship we have with money.

  • Everyone has some kind of emotional attachment to money – albeit negatively or positively. For those with issues, it’s about being aware of them, learning from them, and consciously moving past them.

  • Our attitude towards money is often the result of many years of slow development, generally beginning in our childhoods. It is difficult to surmount this ingrained perception.


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