TT Wealth July & August 2024 Newsletter

  • TT Wealth Newsletter Bundle July - August 2024

TT Wealth July & August 2024 Newsletter

Here is a quick round up of what to expect from the TT Wealth July / August 2024 newsletter and special guides.

Financial Protection

Ensuring a secure future for you and your loved ones

Financial planning and protection is essential to creating a secure future for your loved ones, but understanding what you may need can be confusing.

This are just a few of the topics covered in this 36 page edition:

  • ways you can potentially reduce a Capital Gains Tax Liability

  • the importance of understanding and checking your tax code

  • changing retirement trends

  • building financial confidence in children

  • downsizing in later life

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Guide to Financial Planning For Business Owners

Guide to Financial Planning for Business Owners Front Cover

Beyond the success and growth of your business

This free, comprehensive 24 page guide delves into the key components of financial planning, specifically for those leading a business.

Topics include:

  • business goals

  • succession and exit plans

  • financial protection

  • executive pension plans

Guide to Later Life Care

When you think about your future, how far ahead do you plan?

Planning for later-life financial security means being proactive.

Life expectancy has significantly increased and the decisions you make in early retirement, and even before that, can profoundly impact your later years.

This special 8 page guide takes a look at several aspect of Later Life Care including:

  • ensuring the longevity of your pension

  • generating returns from your investment portfolio

  • the cost of long-term care

Guide to Later Life Care Front Cover

Guide to Trusts

Guide to Trusts Front Cover

Being prepared for whatever lies ahead

Often a trust is explicitly created in a Will to ensure that a beneficiary does not benefit until some age is attained, or a condition is fulfilled.

But do you know there are a number of other reasons you may wish to consider setting up a trust?

These include:

  • to provide a pension

  • to give property to those who legally cannot hold it

  • to gain protection from creditors

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