In this episode of Tony Talks Wealth, I talk with author, speaker and wealth coach, Karen Newton, a specialist in helping clients to turn their dreams into reality through building businesses, investing in property and share markets, and protecting wealth by using bullion.

Karen discusses her incredible journey to success, the proven strategies that have energised her client’s finances, and the the crucial role that resilience has played in her story.

Key Takeaways

  • The compounding strategy – monthly dividend shares – is one that Karen teaches to all her clients. It allows far more profit to be made in the long term.

  • Property investment requires creative thinking, hard work and resilience. A rocky property journey does not denote failure. Rather, it awards us with a valuable set of lessons.

  • There are many ways of investing, but when we filter them down to their essence, they all fall into four categories: business, property, digital/paper and cash.

  • Financial education is not always a simple case of improving knowledge. It is about adjusting the mind-set. It is about implementing a belief in one’s self, so that we believe that anything is possible. It is about removing doubt.


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