Socially responsible investing is an investment strategy which considers company ethics as well as the potential financial return.

It incorporates:

  • Ethical investing

  • Postive impact investing

  • Sustainable investing

  • Green investing

  • ESG – Environmental, social & governance

The following video (& transcript below) provides an brief introduction to socially responsible investing:

Video Transcript

Socially Responsible Investing is one name amongst many for describing an investment strategy which is based around doing good.

The methods of approaching this vary depending on many factors, which is reflected in those different descriptions.

The key ingredient however is that you consciously aim to make your investment portfolio responsible, in the sense that it backs up one or more of these causes.

A socially responsible portfolio will be focused on investing into companies or funds which apply strict criteria to meet your social goals.

The trend for investing in this way is now very strong, but some people believe this comes at the price of lowering returns or narrowing the investment options.

Recent surveys show that this is not the case and with the growth in this market the choice of investments is often considerable.

This idea – using your investment portfolio to back good ethical practices, environmental causes, corporate governance or a mix of these is a perfect way to combine two objectives.

Which are, to invest successfully for personal reasons at the same time as contributing positively to the wider society.

If you would like to explore this way of investing, at TT Wealth we have the expertise to help and advise you.

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