In this episode of Tony Talks Wealth, I share the mission behind the podcast, why now might be a better time than ever before to think about your place in the financial world, and how to recognise and examine the key areas in your financial life that need work.

Key Takeaways

  • Even with a solid financial plan in place, we must revisit often in order to reflect any changes in the world around us

  • Consolidate your debt by examining in detail, your outgoings and levels of interest. Once you have your monthly outgoing figure, work out if a debt consolidation loan may be a cheaper way to pay things off early.

  • Effective budgeting allows you to track progress and identify spending errors before they become disastrous. This practice will make you far more mindful of your spending choices each day.

  • Focus on your goals. Failing to plan is planning to fail! Goals are not finite. We need to set goals, and then re-examine them as we move through life. Do they need altering now that our position is different? Set short, medium and long-term goals and revisit often.

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